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Only in Bulgaria / Real pictures, real people, real funny.

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WELCOME to Only in Bulgaria!

Only in Bulgaria website is all about Bulgaria and all about fun. Bulgarians are funny people and with this site we want to show this to the rest of the world. Please feel free to browse our online collection that includes real pictures of people and places taken in a way that can be seen and done only in Bulgaria.

Bulgarians don't take themselves too seriously and always try to get the best out of life. If they can't - then just laugh and joke about it. Although statistics show that the Bulgarians are Europe's unhappiest people, try asking any Bulgarian how they feel, and they will probably tell you that they feel great and will invite you home to a rakia with shopska salad.

This site aims at showing the world how uniquely and genuinely funny our people are. Here you will find a vast selection of funny pictures and funny videos of Bulgarian people, Bulgarian places and Bulgarian customs that will make you laugh. All images are genuine and depict real life situations from Bulgaria or around the world (involving Bulgarians). And if you still don't think Bulgarians are unique, try to recall the song Ken Lee that swept the world in 2008.


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Unique Bulgarian characters -
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